The Trials Of Poster Boy

Over the weekend street artist Poster Boy (Government name Henry Matyjewicz) got arrested in Brooklyn.  He was caught doing his trademark ad slicing/splicing.

Specifically slicing the heads off people depicted on an ad on the Jefferson Street L train station in Bushwick .  He tried using the ‘but it’s my first day’ excuse with the arresting officer but then quickly found out his reputation precedes him.

According to Gawker:

Sources said Matyjewicz told the cop he should get a break because it was the first time he did it — but admitted he was the infamous Poster Boy after the officer ran his name through a computer.

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Banksy Wall Moved To Save His Work

Two Banksy fans, Nick Loizou and Bradley Ridge, spent thousands of pounds to remove and restore a Banksy mural.  They said they wanted to protect it after vandals (Embrace the irony) “defaced it with spray paint.”

According to the DailyMail: “Banksy painted the mural in an industrial estate just outside Croydon, South London, in August.”  And the two fanboys “hope to sell the piece once it has been restored to its former glory.”

Loizou says: “We really want to sell it to a gallery or a museum so the maximum number of people can enjoy it. But if we can’t do that, there is always eBay.”

Yep there’s always eBay.

For the full story click here.

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Zevs Arrested in Hong Kong

French street artist Zevs, along with two other unidentified men were arrested at around 3:30am today in Hong Kong.  He is there preparing for his first solo exhibit at the Art Statements Gallery.

Apparently while Zevs was bombing an Armani store with his signature liquidated Chanel motif, a concerned citizen SNITCH called the local emergency hotline and notified the police.  After which police arrived on the scene and arrested Zevs and his two Hong Kong associates for alleged vandalism.

From the South China Morning Post:

“Dominique Perregaux, owner of Arts Statements Gallery, who invited Zevs, confirmed he had been arrested.

Mr Perregaux said he did not understand why police had arrested the artist. “I do not think it is a big deal. After all, he has performed such art forms in many places before, in Berlin, in New York and Paris,” he said, adding that Zevs had used water paint, which could easily be removed.”

After the jump check out more pics before the arrests

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Graffiti: Fun Or Dumb?

The following is an unintentionally hilarious anti-graffiti documentary from the 70s. Featuring a lot of fear mongering and alienation of the art form and those who practice it.

“Using kids’ own arguments (both pros and cons), film presents overwhelming evidence that vandalism is dumb. Shows that graffiti-type vandalism costs over $20,000,000 a year.”

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The Audacity Of Fairey

The man behind “Hope” and Andre the Giant enthusiast, Sheppard Fairey has had his fare share of problems lately, first it was the accusations of copyright infringement by the AP and now this weekend trouble with the 5-0 in Beantown (Boston).  

While on his way to Dj at a party to a sold out crowd at the Institute of Contemporary Art, the pigs Cops snatched him up on two misdemeanor charges for vandalism.  Fairey posted bail over the weekend and is due in court for his arraignment today.  Apparently the Boston pig squad police put two and two together when they started seeing Obey (Andre the Giant) tags in two locations.  

Being locked up isn’t anything new to Fairey just a part of the territory, check out his profile for the USA Character Approved Awards where he speaks on his art and his arrests: