“Booked” @ Carmichael Gallery


The Carmichael Gallery presents “Booked”, a group exhibition featuring over 35 of the leading figures in contemporary art. The gallery’s rooms will showcase a wide selection of original works from artists including Aiko, Banksy, Beejoir, Blek le Rat, Boxi, Bumblebee, C215, Henry Chalfant, Martha Cooper, D*Face, Brad Downey, Eine, Ericailcane, Escif, Faile, Shepard Fairey, Stelios Faitakis, Gaia, Hush, Mark Jenkins, Dave Kinsey, Know Hope, Labrona, Anthony Lister, Lucy McLauchlan, Aakash Nihalani, Walter Nomura (a.k.a. Tinho), Other, Steve Powers (a.k.a. ESPO), Lucas Price (a.k.a. Cyclops), Retna, Saber, Sam3, Sixeart, Slinkachu, SpY, Judith Supine, Titi Freak, Nick Walker, Dan Witz, and WK Interact.

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Jesse Hazelip Interview

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A profile of Bay Area bomber Jesse Hazelip.

Jesse Hazelip sat down with Warholian.com to give an exclusive interview and sneak peak at some of his latest pieces in mid-process. Hazelip is well known in the San Francisco Bay Area street scene for his oversized Buffalo/Bomber juxtapositions, as well as herons with heads of anti-artillery weaponry. Hazelip’s work questions humanity’s obsession with war through imagery that is not only poignant, but also beautiful.

Visit Jesse Hazelip’s site at:

Rollin’ Deep Art Exhibition

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Footage of the Rollin’ Deep Art Show hosted by Tree & Leaf Clothing and The Arbor Arts Collective.  Featuring work from Dusty Gilpin, Dust, Kris Kanaly, Tanner Frady, Jason Pawley, Dylan Bradway, Cody Lanphier, Kaleb Nimz and Tanke.

Filmed by Ryan “StaplesX2” Scott.

Murality | Artists 4 Israel

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Artists 4 Israel took graffiti artists from America, Europe and Israel to the Israeli city of Sderot to work with children and the community at large. Sderot, the target of continous missile attacks from Hamas, has erected bomb shelters all over the city. Closets, bus stops and children’s playgrounds have become blast proof in an effort to fortify against missile strikes.

The artists spent three days performing art therapy with children who have post traumatic stress disorder as well as cover the city’s numerous bus stop/bomb shelters with paint.This is a highlight reel visually demonstrating the power of the project on Sderot and the Israeli community at large.

Filmed, written and edited by Jared Levy.