Banksy In T.O.?

The documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop debuted in Canada this weekend with, lets just say not quiet the amount of fan fare and promotion it had in other countries.  The Torontoist has posted pictures of some art work on the streets of downtown Toronto, with “Banksy’s distinctive style”.  Banksy has been leaving his mark in most cities his film debuts in but we still have no conformation that these are actual Banksys.  For now the works remain un-official, even if Simon Cole of the Show&Tell Gallery says “I have it on really good word (that they’re real)”

***Update: Okay they’re real.

Photos by Gary Smithson

Fauxreel – Eye Tree

The latest from Fauxreel at Havergal College in Toronto.

I shot portraits of 600 girls and staff at Havergal College in Toronto, focusing on their eyes. The idea to create a tree out of the images came about from a short brainstorm session with students in the art club. They were interested in ideas of representing the school population as a whole and giving a nod to where the school is physically located – amongst a beautifully landscaped tree filled acreage. As much of my work deals with inclusion and I like breaking down ideas to their simplest form, the idea to create a tree using the girls eyes seemed to make complete sense and satisfied everyone’s various interests in the project. – Dan Bergeron