Banksy Bombs The Bay

While in California for the west coast premier of Exit Through The Gift Shop, Banksy bombed  some parts of L.A. and two newly discovered walls in San Francisco .  The photo above which reads: “This’ll Look Nice When It’s Framed” shows Banksy poking fun at, what I’m gonna call “Banksy Wall Snatching’s”, around the world.

{Photo’s via 2cauldrons}

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Collective | Elsewhere Factory

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Murata collettiva in San Lorenzo, Italy. #StreetArt

Two days dedicated to the art of urban street Ausoni
in the heart of San Lorenzo.

From noon to sunset, over twenty artists involved,
over 120 feet of concrete turned into a work of art in the open.
Performance art and craft market, music and DJ sets.

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Above – Help Thy Neighbor

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Above does his part in raising awareness for earthquake relief in Haiti.

“Help thy neighbor” Cuba is less than 90 miles away from Haiti making them very close neighbors. The young and courageous neighbor is embarking to Haiti to help out those who have fallen victim. The recent earthquakes in Haiti has taken over 230,000 innocent lives, wounded 300,000 and made 1,200,000 people homeless.Please GET INVOLVED and help donate to send aid and resources to the people of Haiti. – Above

Farewell To The Geisha

Recently street artist 2:12 put up this Geisha sign in Houston but sadly now it’s gone.  It was lifted apparently by the person who added the rose, which wasn’t originally on the piece.  On the blog site tx2twelve 2:12 posted this message:

“Passed down Westheimer today and found that a rose had been left on the Geisha sign. I posted the photo to Flickr and a couple hours later got this comment: (by) true short stories said: i put the rose there.then i went back the next day and took the sign.if you give a fuck let me know,ill do something about it.props by the way.

Street art is fair game in my opinion, when you add something to a public space it can be easily taken away.  That’s what makes street art priceless and unique you’re displaying art in an unconventional way in an unpredictable environment.

But who knew Flickr users that walk around with roses were so grimy?  I did.

Never trust people on flickr. The More You Know

After the jump check out the creation of “The Geisha”.

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