Mic Legacy – Police State (Awe Yeah)

On Sunday May 16th 12am a family was awoken by a flash grenade crashing through their window, then a SWAT team stormed into their home.

There are conflicting stories as to what happened next but the fact remains that an officer drew his gun and fired the fatal shot that killed 7-year old Aiyana Jones.

The Detroit police were searching for a homicide suspect that was involved in the slaying of a 17-year-old boy.  The suspect had no relation to the Jones family besides living in one apartment in the 2-unit duplex where they resided.

Mic Legacy speaks on the tragedy of the innocent girls death and inhumane police tactics on his new track “Police State (Awe Yeah)”.

Mic Legacy – Police State (Awe Yeah) | Download

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Guilty Simpson + Madlib = OJ Simpson

Previously unreleased Guilty Simpson track, “Friends Only” produced by Madlib.   The OJ Simpson album, worldwide release date is May 18th but it’s available now via StonesThrow. (Why wait till May 18th? For real, pssh I got my copy)

Listen here:

Guilty Simpson – Friends Only (Prod. By Madlib) | Download (Right Click + Save As)

R.I.P. Baatin

“Maybe its that nigga Titus
Maybe its me
Maybe hes part of the group (the) S and the V
Maybe my name is rasaul rassi
Maybe Im Christ? 
Maybe the sun
The one…” – Baatin

RIP Baatin

Slum Village co-founder and lyrical wordsmith, Titus “Baatin” Glover passed away Saturday August 1st in his home town Detroit.  Baatin wasn’t the best known emcee and he might not be on your bogus lists of top 5 dead or alive.  He was an original with his style.  No one can say anyone sounded like him, a key figure in a group that made an impact on hip-hop, during an era where a lot of todays legends were in their prime.

The 35 year old emcee was found dead in his home, autopsy results are still pending as to the cause of death.  Baatin and the remaining members of SV were working on a new album titled “Villa Manifesto” while he also went out on tour with Rock The Bells.  A sad day in the Motor City and a sad day in Hip-Hop, Baatin your gonna be missed.

Guilty x Dilla


A new posthumous track from J Dilla has leaked this one featuring Detroit gritty’s finest Guilty Simpson recorded back in ’04.  Apparently sample clearance issues is why the track is Just being released now yet it  didn’t make the cut for the upcoming Jay Stay Paid album due out June 2nd.

Guilty Simpson – “Stress” Produced by J Dilla

 Download | Instrumental