iPhone Tagging

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You wanna project tags on a building while writing them on your iPhone?  There’s an app for that.

Using the private tv out framework to hook up Fat Tag Deluxe directly to a projector with the iPhone composite cable. Most minimal projection bombing setup ever. – Theo Watson


Design team Stefano Pertegato, Massimiliano Rampoldi, Eloisa Tolu, Francesco Schiraldi & Giovanni Mendini have just reinvented the cassette tape with the new TVDRS Tape.  This marvelous innovation isn’t going to make you throw out your iPod/iPhone but it does appeal to those who still remember cassette tapes and are impressed by this rare form of nostalgic awesomness.

If you want to forward or rewind a song, you need to manually do it by rotating the spools with your finger or pencil, then play, just slide the Play Button. And it can be powered by your finger. Yes, you just rotating the spools, rotating the second hole of the tape charges the kinetic battery. An LED light indicates the power status: Green-full charge; Amber- Medium Charge; Red- will die out any moment.  It is available in 45/60/90 minutes type and hides a USB plugs.


{via LikeCool}

Wii Tag

Now you can bomb a set from the comfort of your own home: the WiiSpray a Wii controller held in a spray can casing, can manipulate virtual graffiti on a monitor.


“The use of WiiSpray is similar of using a real spray can – sans the color and the toxic smells. All you techie heads out there can make your own by simply combining Adobe Flash, a WiiFlashServer and the Nintendo Wii® device.   The idea is that it can provide some sort of social media or public tagging spectacle to allow users all over the globe to work on the same piece of art. Best of all, you can bet there are a wide variety of colors, spray caps, and tagging techniques included.”

{Props to Jux}