Print After Party

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Posterchild and Jason Eppink come together to throw a ‘Print After Party’ in NYC.

“The Print After Parties are a series of unauthorized notional raves thrown in the abandoned distribution infrastructure of crumbling print institutions. (They’re pretend parties, not real ones.)

While dead tree publishers loudly lament the fate of their aging information delivery system in the wake of the internet, enterprising trailblazers have found cheaper, faster ways to successfully meet public demand for celebrity gossip and sex scandals without razing forests, filling dumps, or obsessing over boring foreign affairs.

Abandoned by floundering media conglomerates, thousands of neglected newsracks command valuable real estate on busy street corners across New York City, remnants of diminishing demand and a disintegrating economy. Many have already been reclaimed and transformed by urban alchemists, whether as canvases for stickers and paint or clever conceptual works that turn the once important vessels of information into repositories for garbage.

The Print After Parties continue this line of collaboration with blinking LEDs, disco balls, cut-out silhouettes, and handheld radios. When the last vestiges of a collapsed empire litter the landscape, there’s only one thing to do: throw a bumpin’ party and dance on the ruins.” – Jason Eppink

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{Posterchild} + {JasonEppink}

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Posterchild 44613*BETA

Street artist Posterchild, takes the art form to another level with the installment of his “Betabots“.   The latest betabot is 44613*BETA, which has a single point laser-light, that can draw images.  Check it out in action in the Kensington Market area of TDot.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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