Keith Haring “Urban Legend”

In May 2010, Carmichael Gallery will present “Keith Haring – Urban Legend”, a selection of original works by world-renowned American artist Keith Haring. On display in the gallery’s rooms will be over 20 original works on canvas, paper, vintage street signs and a rare vinyl blow up “Radiant Baby Doll” from Haring’s 27th birthday party in 1985.

Recognized as one of the most significant artists of the twentieth century, Carmichael Gallery is proud to present an exhibition honoring his iconic visual language in honor of the 20th anniversary of his passing. Emerging in the Soho alternative art scene and rising to international fame in the mid-1980s, he is associated today with artists such as Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. His large, remarkably cohesive body of work, which spans just over a decade, is distinguished by iconic, bold figures and an expressive, socially-informed aesthetic, the effortless fluidity and accessible nature of which encompass elements from and bridge the gap between subversive and mainstream contemporary art.

There will be an opening reception for the exhibition on Saturday, May 8 from 7 to 10pm. The exhibition will run through May 29.

Hymn to Beauty

Gifted artist of the street HUSH will be displaying his skills on canvass with a new collection of works in his first US solo show entitled “Hymn to Beauty”.   It’s all going down at Los Angeles’ Carmichael Gallery opening Thursday, March 5th 2009.

“Hush’s work has been described as a sensory assault of shape, color, and character.  Inspired by the portrayal of the female form in art, the artist builds up and tears down layers of paint and images as he works, “letting the canvas and marks take their own path.”  The result is an enigmatic synthesis of anime, pop-infused imagery, graffiti, and graphic design that exposes the conflict between power and decay, innocence and sexuality, and the fusion of Eastern and Western culture.”

{via Jux}