Mic Legacy – Police State (Awe Yeah)

On Sunday May 16th 12am a family was awoken by a flash grenade crashing through their window, then a SWAT team stormed into their home.

There are conflicting stories as to what happened next but the fact remains that an officer drew his gun and fired the fatal shot that killed 7-year old Aiyana Jones.

The Detroit police were searching for a homicide suspect that was involved in the slaying of a 17-year-old boy.  The suspect had no relation to the Jones family besides living in one apartment in the 2-unit duplex where they resided.

Mic Legacy speaks on the tragedy of the innocent girls death and inhumane police tactics on his new track “Police State (Awe Yeah)”.

Mic Legacy – Police State (Awe Yeah) | Download

(A family member moves the sofa back into the home in Detroit, May 17, 2010, where Aiyana Jones was killed while sleeping on the living room sofa when police officers burst in and an officer’s gun went off. The sofa was temporarily placed on the porch. Photo via AP Carlos Osorio)


  • Detroit police officials say the grenades are used when officers believe there is a violent person nearby – in this case, a homicide suspect. The police department’s top spokesman, John Roach, said there was evidence that weapons had been inside the home. But no actual weapons have been found. (Yahoo News)
  • In Detroit $39 million have been paid out in police lawsuits between July 2006 and June 2009, according to an analysis by The Detroit News
  • About half of that — $19.1 million — can be traced specifically to police misconduct allegations, including $7.3 million in payouts for 18 people shot by police. They range from $2.5 million for a man who was shot in the head and still lives with the bullet fragment to $25,000 for a woman shot in the leg at a backyard party by an officer aiming at a charging dog.
  • The Detroit Police Department has been under two Federal Consent decrees for “Use of Force” and “Issues of Confinement” since 2003, and they are still not in compliance.

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