Posterchild x Jerm IX

Vancouver street artist Jerm IX is currently taking submissions for his new ad takeover project, “V-TARP“.  Posterchild came through with some pieces for the project and Jerm IX gladly posted them throughout Vancity or as Posterchild calls it “Vansterdam”.

via Posterchild Blade Diary:

“hey Poster Child,

just got your pack. I was pasting your giant piece to an empty billboard when I got stopped by the cops tonight. they let me go but the piece was sopping wet. I had no choice but to carry it into the alley and adhere it to this dumpster. once it was on the dumpster I couldn’t resist adding a FOR RENT banner to it, as a commentary on the illusion the government puts forth each year regarding promises of affordable housing in Vancouver. really hope you approve, the whole mission was painful. it’s an honour to put up your work though. cheers, here it is…

jerm IX”

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