Ramblings: The First Shall Be Last

She starts off the record with a verbal tirade, that you know will outshine everyone else on the track and I wonder why?

There are many things you’re gonna have to except in life and one of them is, that Jean Grae is the best female rapper you’ll ever hear.  This in not an exaggeration by any means.

You can’t fairly compare other femcees to the Jeanius, her skills by far surpass them.  She is only comparable to her male peers. She’s a beast on the mic, a pit-bull with lipstick (No Palin).  Her lyrical dominance is evident on the Ski Beatz track “Prowler” which features hip-hop notables; Mos Def, Jay Electronica and Joel Ortiz.   Which got me thinking “Prowler” is a great track with one major flaw… the best verse went first.

There’s an unwritten rule in hip-hop when it comes to posse cuts (or group tracks) which is, the best rapper/the person with the best verse goes last.  It’s like going out with a bang!  Like how great comedians like Pryor, Murphy, Rock etc. save their biggest punchline for the end.

“Back then, in the group, you’d have the setup guy then the closer” – Q-Tip

This unwritten law has been adhered to since the dawn of hip-hop by groups like the Cold Crush Brothers, The Furious Five and The Treacherous Three.  Busta Rhymes made “Scenario” official, DMX capped off some of the best group joints ever like, “Blackout“, “Grand Finale“, “Ruff Ryders Anthem (Remix)” and “Ride Or Die” to name a few.

Greasy is a legitimate closer like those aforementioned emcees, so whats the science behind having her as the “set up guy”?  (Ladies first?)

“Prowler” is in clear violation of the rules (and is that damn 24hr Karate School mixtape ever coming out?).  It’s a good overall song and I’m not taking anything away from the other featured emcees, specifically Mos Def who did an ok job as the closer.  All I’m saying is if they followed the formula, with all the heat they had on that track it would of been a slam dunk.  Instead it’s just a layup.

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