Kill Kanksy

British vandal(s) decide to let out their misguided rage toward Banksy on a train in London and it back fires.  To the persons benefit maybe all of us who saw the picture and bursted out in laughter are all wrong.  What if there is a Kansky?  What if some jerk named, lets say Joe Kanksy pissed off the wrong dude and now he’s making a statement about it.  Or maybe it is about Banksy but it just so happened, that at the spur of the moment the Queen of England declared that B’s are now to be pronounced as K’s.  She can do that right?

According to’s source:

“[B]efore the painters could finish off the circles in the B the cleaner clocked them from the train and then they had to run from security out of the yard in the snow…”

Better luck next time.

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