Fresh Hot EP’s: IRAN

The ARE orchestrates the theme music to Iran’s revolutionary conflict.


Tracklisting and statement from The ARE  on this new project after the jump.

via {FWMJ}

“What up yall, it’s been a sec but never worry, I’ve been hard at work trying to create projects for your listening pleasure. My newest installment is a project called “IRAN”. This was actually in the making for a long time but got alittle sidetracked by other things. With the crisis in Iran, I thought it needed to be finished and out immediately. It’s using all Iranian music and is dedicated to the people of Iran. I can’t explain how seeing all the press and events in Iran effected me. It saddened me to see people getting beat up by the police, people going missing and even killed like the young girl Neda. Seeing all this played a big part in finishing the project and I hope that it can bring more awareness to the situation in Iran. Don’t give up!” – ARE

1. Intro
2. Protest
3. The March
4. Love
5. The Night
6. Let’s Go
7. Closer
8. What You Don’t See On TV
9. Rooftops
10. Green
11. Protest 2
12. One Thing Remains
13. IRAN

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