{Sub}-Kulture: Linkage Comeback Special


Been M.I.A. for awhile but now KounterKulture is back.  What better way to make up for time, after an inexplicably  long hiatus then to make a post, with just links to other post.  Still this is some of the most interesting things you may or may not have seen on the web:

Art: Banksy’s summer exhibit in Bristol, England {Jux}

Music: DJ Premier’s MJ Tribute Mix – Download 

Music: 6Fingers In The Guts: Vallejo’s (1/3 of Drums & Ammo) fliming at the studio aka The Guts. {SwtBrds}

Funny: Living with First-Person Shooters Disease  aka Duke Nukems Disease  {YouTube}

Funnier:  Hip-Hop represented in mathematical charts and graphs  {JamPhat}

Funniest: Best I Ever Vlad – Eric & Jeff Rosenthal {ItsTheReal}

Jewelz: KRS-One and Buckshot Talk Independence {YouTube}

Interview: Illmind “Inside The Craft” w/ Rik Cordero {CrateKings}

Music: Hawthorne Headhunters Mixtape – Mixed by DJ Needles – Download {FreshSelects}

Music Video: Elucid – Automatic Writing Directed by Ali “Boombaye” Santana {Vimeo}

Gear: Melons On Deck {e.5charlie}

Art: Vhils | Scratching The Surface Exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone {SlamXHype}

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