Review: Chemical Warfare

Alchemist has been one of the top producers in the game for years, with a style that truly sets him a part from his peers.  This Tuesday ALC drops his second solo project titled “Chemical Warfare”.  His previous effort “1st Infantry” came out in 2004 and the game has changed since then. There’s been a significant shift away from the hardcore, gritty realism that Alchemist beats are more often then not the theme music for.  Yet Alchemist has proven with his new album that his production skills transcends eras, trends/fads and still stay true to what he’s about and what he’s been doing for years.

Peep the track by track break down of “Chemical Warfare” after the jump.

1.) Intro: Like the first scene of a good movie, it sets the tone for the next 14 tracks.

2.) ALC Theme feat. Kool G. Rap: This is classic Alchemist with Kool G. Rap backing up the lyrical content.

3.) Loose Your Life feat. Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss & Pusha T:  What’s there not to like about “Loose Your Life”?  A real dark, cryptic beat with Jada and Pusha T murdering the track, Snoop Dogg with his laid back flow blending in nicely with the bleak motif of the song.

4.) Chemical Warfare feat. Eminem:  The title track is definitely hot.  Can’t Stop thinking about how suspect Eminem’s lyrics have gotten over the past couple of years, for example “Backdown?  shit I rather lick on a scrotum…”   Really?! Why?!!.

5.) Grand Concourse feat. KRS-One: aka Hip-Hop stan’s delight.  This track is dope, with the blast-master KRS showing us why he’s known as one of the best.

6.) Therapy feat. Talib Kweil, Blu, Evidence and Kid Cudi: A real mellow track featuring great lyricists.  For all the Cheeba smokers.

7.) That’ll Work feat. Three Six Mafia and Juvenile:  To be bumped in the whip with the windows down, while your riding down your block.

8.) Smile feat. Maxwell and Twista: My favorite song on this album.  It’s like a ’09 version of the Roots track “Star”.  The beat was tailor made for Twista’s hyper speed flow.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

9.) Keep the Keels On feat. Prodigy:  P’s gully love ballad.

10.) Act Of Violence feat. Gangrene (Alchemist & Ohno): A true hood banger.  Something that you would of heard being bumped in your tenement while you and your people played dominoes in the hallway.

11.) Lights, Camera, Action feat. Lil Fame: Whoooo!!! This track is nothing but heat.  Something about Lil Fame on a track makes you want to go outside and commit a misdemeanor.

12.) Some Gangster Shit feat. Fabolous:  Meh,  everything up to this has been enjoyable.  This is Pretty basic.  I bet I would’ve loved this in 2001. [Filler?]

13.) On Sight feat. Dogg Pound and  LA: The Dogg Pound shouldn’t roam outside Battlecat, Hi-Tek and Dre beats. [Filler?]

14.) Take a Look Back: Nice, mellow and retrospective.  ALC holds his own, proving himself lyrically on this record.

15.) Under Siege: Gangrene! Gangrene! Gangrene! Great way to cap off a good album. The bonus is this track is the reason for my favorite music video of ’09 so far:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

All in all great album, well worth the $$.  This is for the real hip-hop heads, will be bumped throughout the summer. ✦✦✦✦


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