Black Acid Co-op

Artists Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe fresh off their first project, Hello Meth Lab in the Sun, which explored the seedy nature of drug production, continue  their exploration of the underbelly of society with Black Acid Co-op.  Presented by Deitch Projects Black Acid Co-op is a look at various underground subcultures and the places they inhabit. 

The installation kicked off last Thursday and runs until August 15th.

via {Fader}

“Their new piece continues the themes of previous versions specifically that of alchemy in a modern context and community, ritual and psychosis.

Black Acid Co-Op is the moniker for a counter-culture enclave embedded in the metropolis. In this incarnation, the artists shift the focus from the production of illegal drugs to sites of sub-cultural groups and how they are situated in the larger urban environment. The installation will expand on the notions relating to the connection between counter-culture and industrial society resulting in a spatial collage that extends itself into a vast architectural setting.

Despite the strong contrast of scenes, the entire installation will feel as if it is a unified system of spaces, interconnected and functioning together. Ducts, wires and tubes traverse rooms creating a semblance of an organism: architecture as body, electricity as capillaries, and volumes as organs. And the intended use of many of the sites will feel transformed or hybridized: factories have become homes, kitchens are used as drug labs, the radical chic living room is frozen in a museum, the high-rise is carved into makeshift maze to evade the law.” – Deitch Projects

The title Black Acid Co-op is a composite term for several different references that include revolutionary political groups, social collectives based upon drug consumption, centers for paranormal research, marginal religious cults and the simple idea of community “as an association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs.”

Deitch Projects
18 Wooster Street
New York, NY 1013
212 343 7300

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