{Sub}-Kulture: The Wrap Up


 It’s that time again for the round up/wrap up featuring the latest and hottest on the web {from a Kounterkulture prospective}:

Gear: B.A. Barackus | e.5.charlie’s summer ’09 collection

Video: DJ Premier’s tour of the headquarterz recording studio/Blaq Poet promo {CrateKings}

Music: Duel of the Iron Mics | Wu-Tang X El Michels Affair – Enter the 37th Chamber {Xlr8r}

Video: Splash Mag & Channel Zero w/ Rap duo Heltah Skeltah @ the movies {Splash Mag}

MixTapeDJ Reason + The Beastie Boys – The Hand Me Down Puma Mix (Mixtape) {Download Link}

Photos: Augor’s Installation at Upperplayground in L.A. {KnownGallery}

News: The Original New York Yimes, 1971: “Taki 183 Spans Pen Pals” article {PDF}

Video: La Entrada Project – Wall3 {Vimeo}

GearVestax Handy Trax USB Turntable Recorder {SwtBrds}

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