Wu-Tang Design Remix Project


Graphic designer and Wu-Tang stan Logan Walters was frustrated by the lack of creativity and the outdated look on the Clans group, solo and Wu affiliated album covers (- ODB’s Return to the 36 Chambers), so he decided to remix them.  In The fashion of old Blue Note LP’s Walters crafted revamped versions of 7 albums so far and is aspiring to do all 12.

“A little while ago I put a bunch of Wu-Tang (both group and solo) albums on my computer. 21 of them, in fact. I inherited some mild OCD from my mom, and as anyone who has seen my iTunes can attest to, it manifests itself in weird ways. I need to have decent-quality album art for every album on my computer, which currently equals over 90 gigs. The problem was that almost all of the Wu-Tang album art was horrible (ODB’s two albums being the only real exceptions) — no offense to the original designers, but as iconic as they might be they’re looking pretty dated these days. So, armed with inspiration from what Olly Moss and others are doing (as written about by me here, and later by Kottke here) and a book of Blue Note Records covers, I set out to remake all 21.”

Check out some of them right here:

The rest here

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