Fresh Hot Mixtapes: Medicinal Libationz

{Click pic to download}

DubMD and Cyrano aka Cy Yung bring us “Medicinal Libations: Flow Springs Eternal” a tribute to Madlib. Featuring such aliases as Quasimoto and Jaylib plus artist Wordsmith, Ill Poetic and more..

“Madlib is the textbook definition of a “über-producer”, one who raises the bar consistently in quality and quantity, leaving a legacy few (besides his partner J-Dilla) could even come close to touching. But, as Roger Guenver Smith said as he portrayed Huey P. Newton in the critically-acclaimed A Huey P. Newton Story, “Everyone wants to bring you flowers when you die, no one gives you a bowl of soup to help keep you alive.” It is in this context, Dub MD and Cyrano would like to present a “bowl of soup” to Madlib entitled Madicinal Libationz.”

me•dic•i•nal: A preparation or product having the properties of a medicine.

li•ba•tion: The pouring of a liquid offering as a religious ritual.

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