Nike Newports

“Warning: This Film Does Not Exist”

For Ari Saal Forman it’s something he can’t talk about, for director John Carluccio it’s something he dared to document on film.  Cease & Desist is about sneaker culture, the sub-culture of laces?,  branding, the carnal addiction that makes a man/boy/nerd/girl stand outside of a store waiting for hours for the latest limited edition… or spend their rent check on a pair of neon purple and brown Assix’s.

“Shot at the height of the sneaker movement in 2006 and in present day, the short film reveals how trends quickly turn and how these urban expressionists compete even harder to stand out.   Sneaker collectors soon face their own (cigarette like) addictions and Ari gets a legal gag for his clever design.”  

Check out the trailer here:

One response to “Nike Newports

  1. This is very clever. It’s just strange how he sees a correlation between smoking cigarettes and an addiction to branding. His his case it’s sneakers.

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