Wii Tag

Now you can bomb a set from the comfort of your own home: the WiiSpray a Wii controller held in a spray can casing, can manipulate virtual graffiti on a monitor.


“The use of WiiSpray is similar of using a real spray can – sans the color and the toxic smells. All you techie heads out there can make your own by simply combining Adobe Flash, a WiiFlashServer and the Nintendo Wii® device.   The idea is that it can provide some sort of social media or public tagging spectacle to allow users all over the globe to work on the same piece of art. Best of all, you can bet there are a wide variety of colors, spray caps, and tagging techniques included.”

{Props to Jux}

6 responses to “Wii Tag

  1. I cannot believe how every few months pass, I tell myself yet again, “I would buy a Wii just for that device”. Now I will surely get a Wii, however, how long will it be until some useful hacker decides to make it function with a pc or mac, and thus adding photoshop functionality to the device.

    This may sound rediculous, however the standard Wiimote has already been hacked to be used with pc, and can act as a very interesting midi controller within a music sequencer program like Ableton Live.

    The possibilities are endless, hmm, think I better write a blog about it! :)


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