The Curious Case Of NY’s Posterboy

So the pigs beast cops decided to set up a sting to snatch up the elusive street legend Posterboy at a art show in SoHo.  To their knowledge that night when they arrested 27-year-old Henry Matyjewicz, he was officially captured and they were ready to raise the “Mission Accomplished” banner until…  Yesterday when the New York Times printed an interview with the “Real” Posterboy claiming that the man the police arrested was just the fall guy.

Peep this excerpt from the NYT:  “Henry is one of many individuals who believe in the Poster Boy ‘movement,’ ” the man wrote later on Tuesday in an e-mail message, referring to Mr. Matyjewicz in the third person. “Henry’s part is to do legal artwork while propagating the ideas behind Poster Boy. That’s why it was O.K. for him to take the fall the other night.”

You can check the full article here.

{Props to Animal}

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