Video Game Politics

Now you can see what it feels like to be a corrupt oil tycoon in the new game Oiligarchy, created by Molleindustria a group of Italian artist, designers and programmers who’s aim is to trigger deep discussions about social and political implications of video games.

{Click Pic To Play Game}

More about the game:

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to head Exxon/Mobil, Shell, BP or any other black gold giant? Playing Oiligarchy will give you a glimpse of life through their goggles. To succeed at Mollenindustria’s newest online game you need to expand business as any die hard capitalist would, save money to lobby parties at the elections, and increase the economy’s oil dependence. Oh… and do all that you can to ensure the “virus of environmentalism” doesn’t reach your paid off representatives.

Given a map of Texas, Alaska, Venezuela, Iraq, Nigeria, and D.C. and the ability to teleport yourself to each place at the click of a button, you are free to demolish structures, explore land and drill baby drill.” 

{Props to Art Threat}

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